Economics can be studied as a major in the Bachelor's Programme, in the Master’s Programme and in the PhD Programme, or as a minor in any of the school's Bachelor’s or Master’s Programmes.

Economics provides a comprehensive insight into the functioning of economies and the environment in which companies operate. Studying Economics improves analytical skills, which are highly useful and demanded in the rapidly changing work life. Economics may  be useful in finding answers to questions like: Why are some countries rich and others poor? What is the source of economic growth? What is the significance of innovations? How are interest rates, stock prices and exchange rates determined? Why do we have unemployment? Should the debts of the poorest countries be cancelled? What is a good compensation and incentive scheme?

Studying economics develops both analytical thinking and academic insights in addition to promoting the ability to apply economic theory to a wide range of economic phenomena. It qualifies students to understand the connection between micro- and macroeconomic questions as well as to see the causality between such questions. The programmes equip students with appropriate econometric and mathematical tools of analysis to tackle economic issues and problems. Students are trained to analyze, organize and effectively communicate their analyses.

The study programmes in economics are structured to ensure internationally comparable qualifications and a lifelong human capital. The programmes are particularly strong in the areas of International Economics, Financial Economics, and Applied Microeconomics. The graduates are prominent in a wide variety of careers that require broad economic expertise and analytical skills such as economists, specialists, analysts, or consultants in firms, financial sector, research institutes, public administration, and international organizations.

A minor in Economics provides an understanding of fundamental economic theories as well as an ability to apply them analytically in  practical settings.

KY Economics is the association for students majoring in economics. Its purpose is to organize events related to the field of economics and to promote discussion on social and economic issues among students. In addition, KY Economics organizes events designed for the students of economics, such as career events.

Bachelor´s and Master´s Programmes

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